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Every foot is unique, and your orthotic inserts should be unique as well. When you visit Premier Foot & Ankle Associates PC, we can use our state-of-the-art computer system and TOG (The Orthotics Group) software to scan your feet. You'll get custom orthotics built to address your condition.

Specialized podiatric inserts for a wide range of foot problems

Miles ahead of over-the-counter inserts

Our custom orthotics provide comfortable solutions for many different problems you may have with your feet and ankles.

When you choose customized orthotics, you get inserts designed for your feet and your condition. Our design process lets us build orthotics that fit your feet while you're standing and while you're in motion. Over-the-counter products can only go so far. For effective orthotics from Premier Foot & Ankle Associates PC, call 610-670-2277.

Computer-designed custom orthotics

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