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When you come to Premier Foot & Ankle Associates PC for bunion and hammertoe treatments, you'll find skilled physicians devoted to providing the best non-surgical and surgical treatments available.

Skillful diagnosis of bunions and hammertoes

Expert medical solutions for foot swellings and deformities

Foot discomfort comes from all kinds of causes, so the first step in your treatment is to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition.


A bunion is a swelling on the joint of your big toe or a bump on the side of your foot. It makes walking and wearing shoes uncomfortable.


Hammertoes occur when your toes are crooked and usually occur with lesser toes. They may develop red spots or corns, and may be painful. Without treatment, walking can be painful.

In our clinic, you'll find the very latest in non-surgical solutions and corrective surgical procedures. If certain paddings, straps, or orthotics might be effective, we can provide them. If surgery is necessary, you'll find our surgical center ideal for it.

Soothing relief for bunions and hammertoes

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